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"Amaya" - World Premier Recording

AmayaFirst performed in 1920, "Amaya" is considered the high point of musical theatre in the Basque language. Set in the eighth century at a crucial moment in the history of the Basque people, as they sought to affirm their identity through the spread of Christianity, it is a work of great dramatic and musical intensity. This is its world premiere recording.

Excerpts from reviews of "Amaya" --

As for the voices, I can imagine more heroic tones than Cesar Hernandez produces for Teodosio, but Rebecca Copley is a thoroughly convincing Amaya, alternately lyrical and dramatic. ... The conductor, Theo Alcantara, draws exciting, full-blooded contributions from the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra and Choral Society. ...this hugely rewarding Marco Polo release. (Andrew Lamb)

The Marco Polo performance is accomplished... The recording is exemplary. Guridi admirers will respond to "Amaya's" moments of dark beauty, as well as the sweetness and light of the Epilogue. (Christopher Webber)

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Amaya - Track 4: The moon rises and silence falls; the ceremony is about to begin.

Amaya - Track 4: Amaya sings the blessing of Aitor. A portion follows: Blessed be you also, my children, for generation upon generation: may the Lord cause blessings to fall upon you like the driven snow. May your fields overflow with grain, and may the mountain-sides be white with the fleeces of your sheep.

Amaya - Track 7: Amaya and Teodosio sing their love duet. May the sun of my good fortune shine radiant, serene and shadowless. For love the rose has given up to me its scent; my very being is consumed in holy fire. Such love may be answered in turn only by love!

Amaya - Track 8: The people gather joyfully in the square to dance the Espatadantza!

Amaya - Track 6: The exultant finish.

Amaya Cast

Amaya Cast
(l to r)
Marianne Cornetti, Theo Alcantara (conductor), Itxaro Mentxaka
Carlos Conde, Rosendo Flores, Cesar Hernandez, Rebecca Copley
Angel Pazos, Gorka Robles